A charrette to change the way we design our cities

In February 2020, 121 multi-generational professionals from 60 built environment design and senior living organisations rolled up their sleeves and got to work in sixteen cross-disciplinary creative teams to explore what longevity looks like in the built environment, and the extent that baby boomers will change the landscape of living, learning, working and playing. Three weeks later they pitched their ideas to a panel of experts. This short video shows how it went.

The Longevity by Design Charrette 2020 was a joint initiative of DMA Engineers and the University of Queensland’s Healthy Ageing Initiative, with support from Event Partners Redland City Council and Paynters.

Dr Rosemary Kennedy designed and facilitated the charrette to challenge the way we think about senior living. In this video she explains the process.

Some of the outcomes are summarised in this article in The Conversation and in this article that appeared in Architecture and Design.

The Arkhefield team at the Longevity By Design Challenge Feb 2020

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