I am Dr Rosemary Kennedy.  Everyone calls me Rosie and I love that. My substantive background is as an architect, and by definition, that means I’m interested in everything and I am an integrator.

The art and science of design is to accommodate the simultaneous interests and contradictory requirements of many.  As a designer, my great strength is the ability to integrate objective knowledge and creative intuition (science meets art) to investigate ways to solve problems, meet needs, and improve situations, practically and authentically.  I am a passionate advocate for well-designed climatically-responsible cities for a liveable and just future. I believe it is imperative that design skills that are focussed on sustainability,  resilience and beauty are nurtured for the long term benefit of all.

Until recently, I researched and taught at Queensland University of Technology Centre for Subtropical Design. Now I have established the SubTropical Cities Consultancy to collaborate with planning, architecture and urban development organisations to complement their climate-responsive approaches to city design and architecture for humid tropical and subtropical places globally. I have attached my CV so you can check out my credentials.

RK CV SubTropical Cities 2018