Next Generation Apartment Buildings: The Dunbar Fellowship Report


My report on Next Generation Apartment Buildings  is now available here: R Kennedy Dunbar Fellowship Report 030619 V2 This version, posted 3rd JUNE 2019 corrects two inadvertent errata in the version posted 23 May 2019 and supersedes that version. Corrections are noted on Page 2.

I recently had the pleasure of presenting the results of research I undertook during 2018, as recipient of the Australian Institute of Architects Dunbar Fellowship.

My aim was to gain insights into how visionary architects working with developers in South East Asian metropolises, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Bangkok and Singapore, have adapted classical tropical architecture principles to produce vibrant modern variants of residential and mixed-use apartment buildings. These high-rise high-density cities have a huge share of urban socio-economic and environmental problems, yet some of the most inventive tropical and subtropical apartment buildings are materialising there, in counterpoint to the dominant ‘glass box’ typology.

My study focussed on examining what motivates architects to design apartment buildings that break the status quo rather than on the architectural designs themselves. My hope is that the findings of this study will lead to better design-led outcomes in Australia for resilient urban living.


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