Subtropical Design Expert for liveable cities

Dr Rosemary Kennedy has developed Subtropical Cities Consultancy to utilise her large body of work on planning, design and architecture for low-energy liveable high-density tropical and sub-tropical cities.

She left her role as director of the former Centre for Subtropical Design at the Queensland University of Technology to focus on a new independent consultancy providing expert advice and strategic design approaches to urban designers, developers and policy-makers.

Designer – Architect – Educator – Speaker: Rosemary’s research and publications on subtropical and tropical architecture and urban design, high-density residential design and mixed-use precincts, climate-responsive urban communities, and design guidelines are internationally recognised.

Her design research methods include charrettes and intensive design studios and are backed up by her expertise in multi-residential typologies, subtropical multi-storey apartments, sun-safe outdoor environments, public buildings and interactive spaces.

Rosemary’s passion is bringing together multiple stakeholders and experts to work collaboratively and uncover liveable solutions to 21st Century urbanism.

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